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We Settle Disputes Between Property Owners

A boundary delimitation expert can help you reestablish a friendly relationship with your neighbour. At Denicourt Arpenteurs-Géomètres Inc., we are able to manage conflicts regarding lot boundaries professionally. Clear land markings are always a good thing. A resolved feud is even better.

How to Go About Setting Property Boundaries?

Border delimitation is a land-surveying operation that aims to irrevocably establish the limits of two adjacent properties. Contrary to staking, it is not a unilateral operation for it implies the collaboration of both neighbours.

This service is often necessary when a lot boundary causes an argument. In some cases, boundary delimitation is conflict-free and neighbours happily come to an agreement on the boundaries of their properties.

Boundary delimitation, however, may be of necessary judicial value if those involved (neighbours) do not find common ground. In a boundary delimitation operation, the land surveyor acts as an expert of the Court and a Public Officer to investigate and assign witnesses. They therefore have the authority to recommend lot boundaries using their analysis and pieces of evidence.

A Straight-Forward Procedure of Judicial Value

When the land surveyor’s recommendations are accepted by both parties, they install markers and write a report based on the meeting . This report is then signed by both parties and the land surveyor, tying both parties as well as their successors. The report is then published by the Bureau de la publicité des droits.

Boundary Delimitation operations are regulated by articles 977 and 978 of the Quebec Civil Code and by articles 469 to 475 of the Quebec Civil Procedure Code.

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