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Excellence-Driven Land-Surveying Services

At Denicourt Arpenteurs-Géomètres Inc., we are proud to say that our reputed expertise and sought-after knowledge have meant that we have remained leaders in our field for over 40 years. You can trust our energetic team of experts to carry out any project of yours. Whether you are looking for services for the sale or purchase of a property, the construction of a building, the establishment of property lot limitations or the determination of vested rights of land, we can help!

By working with us, you can enjoy a personalized service and the guarantee of a job well done. Fuelled by our many years of experience, we prepare official documents and conduct surveying operations with great precision using the latest tech tools the industry has to offer.

We share our extensive knowledge in land topography with our customers located in Montérégie, Greater Montreal and the Eastern Townships. To discuss your needs with one of our team members, call 1 877 882-3096 today.


Clients who wish to build, sell or purchase a property, who are having trouble with neighbours regarding the boundaries of a lot, or who are building new extensions to their homes work with us for peace of mind. Our clients can count on us to help them with their residential land surveying needs. We offer the following services:

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Institutional and Governmental

When it comes to large-scale land-surveying services (road construction or repair, schools, fire stations, parks and more), we leave no room for improvisation and focus on reading and analyzing a wide range of data and on respecting specific rules (protocols and procedures). Our institutional and governmental clients trust our expertise and come to us for the following services:

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Contractors have to juggle many documents and permits that vary from one municipality to the next. When in need of land-surveying experts for a renovation or construction project, we are there to help. We provide customers with the following services and documents:

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Investors and Promoters

To conduct complex and urgent land surveys, investors and promoters have all the right reasons to partner with an experienced turnkey firm. We offer the following services to simplify their operations and council ways to maximize the return on their investments:

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Real Estate Brokers

A qualified land surveyor’s unique expertise is an essential part of any successful real estate transaction. Real estate brokers have many reasons to do business with us, especially when deadlines are tight. Our land surveyors are fast and efficient and help brokers focus on selling properties, while providing them with personalized guidance. We offer them the following services:

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The territory covered by our offices comprises some of the best farming land in the Province. That being said, specific municipal rules and regulations as well as issues concerning vested rights may become overwhelming and complicated. Changes occurring in property vocations may require an acute expertise in the matter. Our team has the necessary knowledge to guide farmers with the following :

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Specialized Expertise

The expertise we have gained over the past 40 years has helped us to work on specific projects. For example, we have been able to assist clients with legal issues and map out territories more accurately. We have developed specific expertise in the following fields:

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