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When undergoing a complex real estate project, a technical description may be required.

This document clearly outlines the public rights-of-ways for different public utility companies such as Hydro-Québec, Bell Canada, Energir, Vidéotron etc. This document outlines utility companies’ rights and provides essential support for development projects.

Mark Land Boundaries

The technical description is a surveying document that details boundary limitations for which specific rights apply. The technical description includes the following elements:

  • Rights-of-ways
  • Draining ditches
  • Public utility easements
  • Infringement servitudes
  • Municipal boundaries
  • Agricultural zone boundaries
  • Administrative boundaries

When conducting a technical description for an investor, the land surveyor illustrates the boundaries of a parcel of land (length and cardinal direction). They also calculate the entire surface area of the land while taking into account the boundaries of surrounding properties.


A Precise Technical Description

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