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Staking Experts

A staking operation can help you clarify your property borders and reduce the risks of trespassing on your neighbour’s land. Our team of experienced land surveyors specialize in such operations and conduct them with great precision.

piquetage avec une masse sur un terrain

Why Mark Land with Visual Property Lines?

Staking refers to various tasks that a land surveyor must carry out to form and express a professional opinion regarding the limits of a lot. They do this by relying on a series of visual landmarks such as posts, stakes or markings that can be identified with the lot’s name and number. Staking may also be used to clearly identify the corners of a lot or even to illustrate curves or desired alignments.

A staking operation is conducted for the benefit of the client. The staking certificate produced by the land surveyor includes a detailed plan that states the position of landmarks, the date of the work and the client’s name.

If the land surveyor were to discover issues with the limits of a property after conducting the analysis—one that may jeopardize the occupancy or cause issues with neighbouring lots— following Article 8 of the stacking standards of practice, it is their professional duty and obligation to communicate with the neighbours and investigate. Afterwards, the land surveyor could decide not to install some or all land markings. That being said, staking and boundary delimitation certainly have great value and the staking certificate is delivered along with a detailed report of the situation.

In cases where boundries may cause issues with neighbours, boundary determination (a type of land-surveying service) is required by law and involves both neighbouring lots.

Staking operations are regulated by the Règlement sur la norme de pratique relative au piquetage et à l’implantation de l’Ordre des arpenteurs-géomètres du Québec (L.R.Q., c. A-23, r. 11).

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