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A Fast and Efficient Service

When dealing with more complex real estate transactions, a technical description may be necessary.

Our team can deliver a technical description, along with a detailed plan, in a timely manner. To make sure that your property transaction goes smoothly, we will provide you with all the data concerning terrain boundaries and neighbouring land ownership issues.

A Detailed Description Will Keep Worries at bay

A technical description  is a land-surveying document often used in real estate transactions. The document includes a plan and a report in which the land surveyor describes the land ownership and cadastral limitations.

This land-surveying operation, which caters to specific needs, includes:

  • Passage servitude
  • Drainage servitude
  • Public usage servitude
  • Infringement servitude
  • Municipal limits
  • Agricultural zonage limits
  • Administrative limits

In a technical description, the land surveyor illustrates the areas that surround the property lot. The expert then produces a detailed plan of its surface area and neighbouring properties (width-wise and length-wise).


A Flawless Technical Description

At Denicourt Arpenteurs-Géomètres Inc., leave your worries behind and meet tight deadlines thanks to our highly competent and experienced team. We’re able to speedily deliver a technical description for any and all types of lots and properties.

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