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Quality Cadastral Operations

Every year, we conduct over 300 cadastral operations. From splitting a property into various lots to joining properties together, we have the appropriate knowledge to guide you through your project, stress-free.

Do you have a residential or commercial acquired right on agricultural land? We can help you see clearly faster. Start by calling us!

Cadastre Purposes

Simply put, a cadastre assigns a number to the property and present the property it on a plan in a visual format. A cadastral plan can be required when a vacant property is being sold, or when a building permit is required.

This plan includes the following elements:

  • Length measuring
  • Surface area
  • Boundary positions in regards to neighbouring lots
  • Property shape

Following a cadastral operation, the document is submitted to the cadastre service and a real estate form is generated by the Quebec Property Land Registry to protect acquired rights. You can consult official cadastral data on The Infolot Website of the ministère de l’Énergie et des Ressources naturelles.

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