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Expertise for Specific Needs

In order to meet business, agricultural and industry requirements and navigate successfully through municipal and governmental regulations in Quebec, we provide a broad range of expertise to clients in Montérégie, Greater Montreal and the Eastern Townships.

As requested by our clients, our land surveyors conduct various high-precision land-surveying operations, such as developing plans for heliport certifications, drone surveys, digital terrain modelling (topography), bathymetry and volumetry.

Our firm has also actively contributed to the province’s current cadastral reform by putting its know-how to the service of the Quebec government. As a matter of fact, our land surveyors are currently the only experts in the field with the abilities required to conduct such major cadastral renovation mandates.

Uncompromising Professional Services

At Denicourt Arpenteurs-Géomètres Inc., we conduct a wide range of land-surveying services with precision and efficiency. So whether you’re looking for plans, certificates or reports, we can promptly provide you with a variety of documents that conform to the strictest regulations. Our services include:

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Heliport Zone (FATO)

Right-of-way plan

Tourism and Leisure


Digital Terrain Modelling (DTM)

Drone Land Surveying (U.A.V.) and Photogrammetry




Topographic Plan

Cadastral Renovation


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